Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 13, Winter 2015, Pages 1-424 
13. Clarifying the Nature of the “Urban Quality of Life”: An Approach inthe Urban Design Theories

Pages 151-167

Seyed Hossien Bahrayni; Maliheh Ali Ghaleh Babakhani; Reza Sameh

16. Male-Behavior Patterns and Tools in Routing

Pages 199-210

Farah Habib; Toktam Hanaee

26. Evaluation of Mashhad Religious Tourism Services from thePerspective of Tourists

Pages 333-342

Ali Soltani; Ali Dashti; Ehsan Babaei; Mohammad Ghazaie

28. Transit-Oriented Corridor Pattern in Pasdaran Boulevard, Sanandaj

Pages 361-381

Hoshmand Alizadeh; MohammadHamed Abdi

29. Meta-Analysis of Elasticity of Travel Behavior (Mode Choice)Regarding to the Urban Form

Pages 383-408

Mahmoud Mohammadi; Mahmoud Ghalenoee; Enayat Mirzaei