About Journal

According to letter No. 96572/11/3/89 dated by 2011.02.19, the scientific-research degree of Armanshahr journal has been accredited by secretariat of planning and policy making center of research (the ministry of science, research and technology of Iran). it published articles about Architecture & Urban Design & Urban Planning.

 The Bank account number is 1-11219610-8000-318 and the Card number is 5022291026329464. Both accounts are in the name of Mostafa Behzadfar.

It should also be noted that the submission of an article in this journal is free of charge, but the process of article review, costs 1,500,000 rials or 150 thousand Tomans, which must be sent to the above- mentioned account number or card number. Then the scanned payment receipt must be sent to the Email of the journal.

The journal uses no policy in place for digital archiving policy.